Why Every Kitchen Needs a Garbage Disposal

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Plumbing

A Garbage Disposal is convenient, practical, and costs pennies to operate. Peels, food scraps, and coffee grounds disappear down the sink rather than take up space in the trash bag. Some heavy duty models can even handle chicken bones. The scraps are liquefied and go off to the sewer and water treatment facility for processing. Some facilities can recycle food waste from the disposal to be used as energy. Placing food scraps in the trash not only takes up space, but it can also begin to smell bad, and attract insects or rodents into the kitchen. Having food in the trash will also attract wild animals to the outside garbage bin. That will draw them into the yard, or result in the bin being upturned and emptied on the sidewalk.

The environmental benefits of a Garbage Disposal include having no food sitting in landfills. Food scraps emit methane, which contributes to the amount of greenhouse gasses that are in the air. Fewer trash bags in landfills also help the environment. A disposal will help a household or business save time and money in food preparation, clean-up, and supply costs. There are several manufacturers that produce disposals for residential and commercial uses. Moen, Kohler, and insinkerator are a few examples of popular brand names.

Finding the right one to suit the needs is important because size, power, and capability can vary greatly. A basic model is great for a single person, or a couple, for example, but may not be suitable for a large family. The size of any commercial disposal depends on the usage. A small restaurant may be able to get by with a better model residential disposal. A large restaurant, a cafeteria, or a catering service will need a disposal design for commercial use.

An experienced distributor of kitchen, bathroom, and plumbing supplies will have staff who will be able to offer recommendations, and provide appropriate options from which to choose. That can be completed online, at a showroom, or in the store locations. A wholesaler can ensure the best pricing on a disposal; the tools need to install it, and products to keep it clean and smelling fresh. Business and homeowners, as well as plumbers and renovation contractors, can go to Ramapowholesalers.com to view brands available, get directions to showrooms, and learn why every kitchen needs a disposal.

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