Eliminate Drainage Issues With an Expert Drain Cleaning Service in Baltimore MD

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Plumbing

Is the water beginning to drain from the tub or sink much too slowly? The fault might be a simple clog in the pipe traps, but it could also signal a much more serious problem in the main drain lines. A clog in the main pipes can affect the whole sewage system, and failure to eliminate the clog could result in some expensive repairs to the home. The solution to this problem is a superior Drain Cleaning Service Baltimore MD.

The first step is to ensure that the pipe traps are properly cleared. These are those oddly curved pipes found close to the drains. The purpose of the trap is to prevent the return of sewer gases, and it handles this task by trapping a bit of liquid in the crook of the pipe. Cleaning the traps requires removing them from the drain and flushing out any gunk. The trick is replacing them so that no threads get damaged and no leaks occur.

The next step in the Drain Cleaning Service Baltimore MD is to locate an access point to inspect the pipes for problems. This is often required because most drain cleaning jobs require a functioning sewage connection. One problem that often arises is a solid clog in the main line and the need for a rooter system to push through it. This will eliminate a portion of the blockage, but it usually doesn’t get rid of the whole clog. This is where the real cleaning begins.

Experts such as those at Farnen Dermer Inc. use a technique known as hydro-jetting to thoroughly clean the sewer lines. The use of high-pressure water reduces the solid waste buildup to a simple sludge that is quickly flushed down the pipes. The result is clean sewer lines and properly flowing drains.

Sometimes, it is difficult to reach the pipes, and the technicians will need to find another access point. Eliminating a clog is often possible by removing the toilet closest to the main sewer line, but this won’t work for hydro-jetting. Instead, the plumber may need to dig around the edge of the home and locate the main pipe that way. If this happens, be sure to have them install an access vent, so this expensive method of access is not required again. Browse the website here and learn more about drain cleaning services.