The Importance Of Septic Tank Inspection

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Septic Tank

Septic system inspections are crucial and should occur once every three years. The inspection is needed even if the system is working fine. This is because it helps evaluate the present and future performance of the system. If the system appears to be in great working condition, it doesn’t guarantee it will be the same in the future, thus requiring regular inspection.

Septic System Problems Tend To Happen Over Time

Getting a septic tank inspection in Duval County, FL, especially before purchasing a house, is crucial. It helps shed light on the existing problems or possible future problems. This makes it easy to deduce a means of curbing those problems before they escalate and become expensive.

Reveals When The Tank Needs Pumping Out

A septic tank inspection will help you know when to pump out the tank. This is crucial as it helps prevent septic system problems like bad odors, leaks, or system backups.

To Protect Nearby Water Bodies

The effluent will pool on the ground surface as the septic tank becomes overloaded. These can escalate to run-off into nearby water casings or surface water. When this happens, the viruses and bacteria found in sanitary waste can cause several diseases. These could, in the end, lead to thousands of dollars of damage and repair. But with regular inspection and maintenance, you can avoid these problems.

Improve The Septic System Performance

Septic tank inspection in Duval County, FL isn’t only aimed at preventing problems. It also helps improve its performance. This, in turn, extends its longevity, helping you save on repair and replacements. During an inspection you will get to note if there are any problems and the best maintenance practices needed to make your septic tank last longer.

There are two main types of septic tank inspections, visual and full. These are both important as they help you save money and keep the environment, your family, and your property safe and healthy. This can also improve your home value should a time come when you need to sell it. Duck Duck Rooter specializes in septic system services in Duval County providing residents with stellar services that protect their properties. Call (904)-862-6769 for more details.