Enjoy Quality Sewage Control With Help From Expert Septic Tank Installers in Doylestown PA

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Septic Tank

Living or working in rural areas is great, but there is one consideration that many people overlook, and that is the need for an alternative sewage control system. Towns and most suburban areas have access to municipal systems that treat waste, but rural areas have to rely on the septic tank. This is a large collection system that holds the raw sewage and slowly filters any waste water by soil percolation. The first step in the process is contacting experienced Septic Tank Installers in Doylestown PA. They can quickly determine the viability of any installation, replace a failing system or repair a non-functional one. Keep in mind that most locations will require a percolation test to determine the best type of system to install and the viability of the soil.

There are different kinds of septic system. The first is the anaerobic tank, which eliminates much of the solid waste through enzyme action. That is, bacteria and enzymes in the waste consume excess proteins and leave behind a sludge that settles into the bottom of the tank. This method is simple and effective, but it may not always filter the waste water (effluent) properly. This can result in raw sewage entering the soil surrounding the tank or leach lines. Leach lines are used to trickle the effluent into the soil where it gets filtered naturally. This method of septic control doesn’t work well in areas with poor percolation. Most Septic Tank Installers in Doylestown PA will recommend the aerobic system as a better option.

Aerobic septic tanks mix air into the sewage to ensure that the waste breaks down properly. Sewage is still collected in a holding tank where it slowly enters the aeration area. This allows better enzyme action and a cleaner effluent. Once the waste reaches a certain level, it flows into the release tank. Methods of release will vary from leach lines to sprayer systems. Sprayer methods may be preferred in certain areas because they allow more control over where the waste water enters the soil. However, sprayer systems and aerobic septic tanks may require more maintenance, so a regular maintenance contract is recommended. Get further details from the experts at George C Allen & Son Inc.