When You Need Emergency Plumbing in San Diego

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Plumbing

In some cases, it is pretty obvious when to call for Emergency Plumbing in San Diego, but other situations may not be quite so clear cut. In any situation where the water has completely cut off or where the water is running freely and cannot be stopped, it is an emergency that can’t wait for days. It may not even be able to wait for hours. Some of the more subtle plumbing problems may not seem like a “right now” type of emergency, but in fact if these situations are allowed to grow, they will often turn into an emergency disaster in the middle of the night.

If there is a dramatic change in the water pressure, this is probably a situation that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. This may signify any number of different issues, but it is very rarely something that will resolve on its own. The plumbing system needs to be examined by an expert to make sure of what is causing the water pressure to change dramatically.

Another reason for calling an emergency plumber right away is a pipe leak. In some cases, a pipe leak may seem like no big deal. Maybe there is a bit of water trickling down from the pipe, which means that there is a small hole or crack somewhere. Even if the hole or crack is not visible, that doesn’t mean that it is not significant. The fault in the pipe may have happened because the whole pipe is starting to fall apart. For example, a rusted pipe may begin by springing a tiny leak, but soon the whole pipe could almost crumble entirely. Another reason that repairing a hole or crack is so important is that these types of flaws can cause damage to the pipe as a whole, so keeping the pipe’s structural integrity intact is essential. If you need Emergency Plumbing in San Diego, consider calling Workright Plumbing.