We Replace Sewers

by | May 16, 2019 | plumbing guide

Most people do not think too much about their sewer lines. However, a problem with the main sewer drain will quickly make itself known through standing water on your property, backups of the foul water into the lowest level of your home and unpleasant smells coming from the drains that are slow to empty. Instead of dealing with an emergency, you can have us inspect the sewer lines and arrange for a replacement if it is clear that they are deviated, cracked or corroded.

Most sewer lines last for about 50 years. However, nearby trees, extreme changes in the soil conditions or intense precipitation may shorten that lifespan. Hard water or the copious discharge of wastewater can also shorten the sewer’s lifespan. We also handle emergency sewer line replacement Walnut Creek for unexpected problems that cause pipe breakage.

In order to replace the sewer, we remove the old pipes by creating an access hole. Most of the time, we do not have to dig up your entire yard. If the pipe has broken, we may need to access the parts of it separately. The sewer line replacement is done in a single day. Once we finish the work, the pipes are ready to use. While the work is taking place, the water supply will be shut off. Your household should plan to avoid using or flushing any water during this time.

Our plumbers and staff at General Plumbing & Rooter look forward to providing you with efficient sewer line replacement Walnut Creek. We arrive on time and clean up the work area upon completion of your sewer line replacement project. Our services include emergency work and routine sewer line replacement. Give us a call today, or visit us online at https://www.generaldrainworks.com/ for additional details about our sewer line replacement services.