Using Bathroom Remodeling Memphis To Increase The Look Of Space

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Plumbing

When someone is in need of more space in their bathroom, they may call in a company to do Bathroom Remodeling Memphis. A remodeling job is very exciting and will give the bathroom an entirely new look with some of the finest new products available.

In addition to purchasing porcelain units, fixtures, and cabinetry, there are some other methods that can be incorporated into the bathroom to help it appear larger. When a remodeling project does not allow for the expansion of the walls, the coloring, wall additions, and lighting can be used to trick the eyes into seeing extra space.

Many people consider adding a glass-enclosed bathtub and shower to their remodeled bathroom. These keep all water inside while helping to make a bathroom look bigger because the interior would not be covered up by a shower curtain. If a glass enclosure is out of the question, using a sheer, see-through shower curtain can help make the bathroom look bigger.

Place several mirrored tiles on walls, floors, and inside the bathtub area. Mirrors will make a room look much bigger. Using a medicine cabinet with a mirrored door will help give the appearance of more space. Placing another wall mirror opposite the cabinet will be even more beneficial. A full-length mirror can be placed on the back of the door to complete the look.

When selecting a theme or color-scheme, lighter colors are more favorable in making a room appear bigger. They will naturally draw in light. Stick with a beige, light yellow, peach, or off-white color for the best results.

Ample lighting fixtures should also be used to make a room look bigger. Instead of using ceiling lighting, opt for wall sconces. These will illuminate much of the room. Ceiling lighting tends to draw the eyes downward toward the area the light shines, making a room look smaller. When someone is interested in having Bathroom Remodeling Memphis done themselves, they can click here for more information.

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