Update the Kitchen With a New Garbage Disposal in Orange County NY

by | Sep 22, 2016 | plumbing guide

Many people think of kitchen remodels as changing the floors, painting a wall, or adding new cabinets. While these options work well to enhance the overall look of the kitchen, the appliances should be updated in order to improve overall functionality. A Garbage Disposal in Orange County NY is a simple update that helps improve a kitchen.

Size It Up

The size of the disposal needs to be considered first. Not all systems work in any kitchen. There are various sizes and components that will work well under a small kitchen sink, while a larger system is ideal for a larger sink and more cabinet space.

City Water Vs. Well Water

The type of water a person has, whether it is through the city or from a well, plays a major role in how the garbage disposal system is set up. This aspect needs to be discussed with the seller in order to find a disposal that works appropriately. The overall job duty is the same, but the system will need to be implemented correctly in order for the disposal to carry the waste away as needed.

Find the Right Feed Type

The feed type is also an important aspect to consider. This refers to the way in which the disposal takes food and begins its operation. Many disposals are operated with a wall switch. When the switch is activated, anything inside will be pulverized. This is an open mouth dispenser with a continuous feed. A batch feed requires more work. Food must be placed into the chamber. A stopper lid must then be closed before the disposal will begin working. This batch feed type is a more expensive option, but it is also safer.

A Garbage Disposal in Orange County NY will help improve the functionality of the kitchen, while also updating its appearance. Some kitchen has a small disposal system kept underneath the sink. Others incorporate a large disposal bin that resembles a dishwasher from the front. The option chosen will depend on the amount of space available, as well as personal preference. Visit Ramapowholesalers.com to learn more about the disposal systems available.