Tips for Residential Heating System Installation in Tucson AZ

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Heating Contractor

Whether a homeowner wants to remodel or simply upgrade their old, outdated heating system, choosing the correct unit can help them maximize their investment. Heating bills can substantially increase when systems don’t work properly. When updating a Heating System Installation in Tucson AZ, customers should consider the factors listed below.

Choose a Unit With Built-In Efficiency

While older heating systems only have energy-efficiency ratings of 60% or less, all of today’s new units are legally required to be 80% efficient or more. Some units even have ratings of 90% or greater. To ensure the highest return on an investment, the homeowner should choose a heater with a high AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). The higher the AFUE, the more the homeowner saves. A high-efficiency unit may cost more to install, but it can gradually pay for itself by increasing the home’s resale value.

Consider a Unit With ECM Fan Blowers

A fan blower motor that is electronically commutated (ECM) may help a homeowner reduce overall heating costs. ECM fan blowers work by blowing air into the home’s interior to heat it faster. An electronically commutated blower motor can be particularly helpful in providing added airflow and increasing overall efficiency.

Buy the Right Size Unit

For home heating units, bigger is not always better. If the owner buys a unit that is too large for the home, it may cycle on and off rapidly and use more electricity. To ensure correct sizing, the homeowner should consult a local heating contractor to perform a heat loss/gain calculation. This determines how much heat is required to reach an optimal temperature, based on factors such as home size and insulation.

Count on Local Heating Experts

Whichever home heating system installation in Tucson AZ a customer chooses, the unit has the chance to help them save time, money and frustration. Knowing which system is right for the home can help the customer make an informed decision. Visit to find out about multiple types of residential heating systems and to learn how contractors can offer advice that helps customers make the right choice for the home and their family.