Three Issues That Require Professional Plumbing Services In Omaha NE

by | May 26, 2016 | Plumbing

It’s essential to keep the plumbing system in a home working properly. When there’s a problem with the plumbing, it can have a negative impact on daily activities in the home. Below you’ll learn about three plumbing issues that require immediate repairs by professional plumbing services in Omaha, NE.

Sinks That Won’t Drain

When a sink refuses to drain properly, this is a sign that there’s a clog somewhere in the pipes. If the clog isn’t too tough, many homeowners can often get their drain unclogged themselves. If the clog is large or if it’s deep down in the drain pipe, a plumber should be called to fix the problem. A plumber often places a special tool down the sink drain, and it works like an auger to chop up the clog so the sink can properly drain.

Toilets That Won’t Flush

A clog is also the main culprit when a toilet doesn’t flush. Sometimes the clog will flow on down the drain pipes after using a toilet plunger. If a plunger doesn’t work, a plumber can also place an auger tool down into the toilet to break up the clog. If the toilet still isn’t flushing, there may be a problem in the sewer lines and the plumber will have to inspect the lines to find out exactly where the pipes are clogged before making repairs.

Pipes That Leak Water

Water pipes eventually wear out, and if the pipes in your home are older, this isn’t an uncommon problem. Pipes often come apart and leak at one of the connection points and metal pipes can become rusty after several years. Water that leaks into the house can cause water damage and due to the moisture, mold will also start growing. Homeowners should contact a technician who specializes in plumbing services in Omaha, NE as soon as the water leak is discovered. The technician will make repairs or replace the pipe that’s leaking.

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