The Harmful Effects Hard Water has on Household Items and the Solution of Water Softening in Allentown

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Plumbing

Hard water has harsh minerals that are damaging to appliances and plumbing, and soaps and detergents are less effective. Some feel it’s just a minor problem that has no lasting consequences. The truth of the matter is hard water has a list of negative effects, including personal expenditures. Hard water contains more minerals than necessary, most being magnesium and calcium. These are positively charged ions that dissolve quickly and easily in water. Soaps and detergents don’t lather as well or completely dissolve in water, making consumers deplete sooner and buy these products more frequently. Lime scale deposits build up on pipes and water leaves white spots on dishes and faucets. Hard water can contribute to clogged pipes and wear down the interior surface of pipes as well. The minerals form an undetectable abrasion in water which comes in contact with fabric in washers. If the fabric of clothes are wearing and forming holes with no explanation for it, it could be from hard water.

After learning how and why hard water can have a household spending money unnecessarily, Water Softening in Allentown is the solution to aim for. Water hardening ions are removed through water softening units. Calcium, magnesium and sometimes iron is removed. A plumbing service provider with additional services for water softening solutions can install equipment. To find a model with the right features for Water Softening in Allentown, a water test is performed. This test finds the minerals in the water supply, and to what proportions they exist. With that information, the right unit can be selected that removes the amount of minerals present in the water effectively.

This is how water softening works. All unit types exchange ions. They operate with manual, automatic or semi-automatic functions. It goes through a procedure where it exchanges the hard ions for sodium and potassium. It has a resin bead filter that traps the hard minerals and exchanges them for sodium ions. The process is repeated when the reservoir holding the hard ions reaches capacity. Water softeners should be inspected periodically to ensure soft water is still generating productively. Check out the website Water Softening in Allentown to learn more about water conditioning products.