Symptoms Indicating The Need For Professional Septic Tank Repairs In Findlay, Ohio

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Plumbing

When a home is built in an area that does not provide access to a municipal sewer system, it will force a homeowner to determine another way to deal with the waste created. Fortunately, a septic tank provides a reliable source of waste disposal and, with proper maintenance, will provide years of safe and dependable use. No matter how well maintained a system is, there is still a chance that problems will arise, and the following symptoms indicate a homeowner may need to hire a professional for Septic Tank Repairs in Findlay Ohio.

Drainage Field Issues

As waste enters a septic system, it is channeled into the main holding tank, and any solid waste remains in the tank and will dissolve through a bacterial reaction, while any moisture is dispersed through a drainage field. If the drainage field becomes clogged or collapses, it may cause wastewater to pond on the surface. Not only is it a health hazard, it is illegal and may cause a property owner to incur fines and fees until it is repaired.

Sewage Backup

When a septic system becomes full, it will usually cause waste to back up into a home and lead to the formation of dangerous health hazards in addition to property damage. Call a professional that performs Septic Tank Repairs in Findlay Ohio to determine the cause of the backup and fix it once and for all. A backup may be caused by a variety of problems, and a professional will have the tools required to identify the source of the problem quickly.

Unusual Odors

Despite the amount of waste that enters septic tanks, they should not create any foul odors. If a person begins to catch whiffs of sewage in the air, it may mean that a complete tank failure is imminent. Contact a septic system repair professional and have them conduct a full examination and prevent the occurrence of additional issues.

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