Stop Floodwater Damage Before it Ruins Your Home

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Plumber

Floods can be devastating. They often seem to come out of nowhere and can reek havoc on our lives. When floodwaters enter your basement, the damage that is seen and unseen may occur. People sometimes get complacent about floods since they do not usually happen at regular intervals. If it has not flooded in a while, people do not think about the next time it will happen. Unfortunately, this leaves many people unprepared for when that day inevitably arrives, and damaging flooding takes place in their neighborhood. One way homeowners can protect their homes from sustaining severe damage during most floods is by installing flood control systems. These standby units wait until a flood hits before they go into action, potentially saving the homeowner thousands of dollars.

Silent Sentry

These protection devices typically go in the basements of homes where they can do the most good. They consist of a water pump and pipes to draw in water from the inside and put it back outside where it belongs. Other than having the unit periodically checked by a professional, there is not much upkeep involved in having one of these units. The homeowner also receives the added benefit of having a professional trained in water damage control routinely inspecting their home for other potential flood dangers.

Save Money and Worry

The peace of mind that the average homeowner can gain by having a device like this is substantial. However, when the costs of repairing a flooded basement are factored in, flood control systems look like a solid investment. Floodwaters do not only do immediate cosmetic and structural damage; the problems can continue long after the flood recedes in the form of mold forming on your walls and floors.

First Line of Defense

Nothing can entirely protect a home’s basement from ravaging floodwaters. Most experts agree that having some protection as opposed to none is desirable. The ability to pump standing water out of a flooded basement gives the homeowner a much-needed head start on cleanup when a severe flooding event occurs.

Trying to second guess Mother Nature rarely works out well. It is most likely that floods will occur from time to time. In some cases, they will be severe and can cause extensive damage to homes and properties. It stands to reason that keeping homes safe with affordable flood control systems should rank relatively high on most peoples’ priority lists. Thinking about it and taking action to prevent flood damage now is in all likelihood cheaper than repairing damage caused by being unprepared. For more information, visit