Questions to Ask Before Choosing Commercial Plumbing Services in Manchester, NH

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Plumbing

Commercial and residential plumbing are substantially different, and it’s important for business owners to understand the differences. Companies must run efficiently to turn a profit and, depending on the nature of the business, a plumbing issue can negatively affect the bottom line. To avoid making costly mistakes, business owners should ask these questions when choosing Commercial Plumbing Services in Manchester NH.

Is the Service Provider Insured, Experienced, and Licensed?

A licensed commercial plumber is more likely to possess the knowledge and skills to ensure that the job is done according to building and plumbing codes. When a company is sufficiently insured, their coverage protects both parties in the event of a serious mistake. Insurance and licensing are crucial when hiring a commercial plumber no matter what type of business the customer owns.

Is There a Fee For an Estimate?

Before a plumber comes to the business owner’s facility, the owner should know whether they’ll be charged for the evaluation and estimate. Some plumbing companies have trip charges, which is the cost for someone to come by and assess the problem before making recommendations and starting work.

Are Charges Flat or by the Hour?

To avoid unnecessary expenses, business owners should determine whether the quoted price covers all parts and labor or if they’ll be charged an hourly rate. After all, customers don’t want to be surprised at the end of the job with hidden fees and unexpected charges. When choosing Commercial Plumbing Services in Manchester NH, the customer should know exactly what they’re paying for.

What’s the Warranty Like?

Reliable plumbers stand behind their work, and commercial clients should learn about warranty coverage before choosing a plumbing company. Find out about the claims process and learn what’s covered (and what isn’t). In some cases, parts manufacturers offer their own warranties, but clients should focus more on how long the installation work is guaranteed.

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When commercial clients work with a local commercial plumber, they should get honest, upfront answers to the above questions. Visit the site for more information or call today to schedule an estimate.