Problems that Can Be Resolved by a Drain Cleaning Company in Modesto, CA

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Plumbing

The piping system has two fundamental functions. The first is to ferry water for use. The second usage is to drain that excess water and waste away. This second function is what helps to keep the home healthy. Clean drains are essential in directing the waste away from the home. These are some of the most common problems that can be fixed with a thorough cleaning.

Unpleasant smells can waffle up from drainage piping from the debris that gets caught in the piping turns. Because the smell is contained in the piping, no amount of scrubbing surfaces will get rid of it completely. The use of air fresheners may only temporarily mask the problem. Since this smell can become quite invasive, a Drain Cleaning Company in Modesto CA can help eradicate the source before it becomes a huge problem.

Slow drainage is another issue that can be fixed with a proper cleaning. Slow drainage is caused by obstacles lodged inside the drain. Partially clogged piping prevents an adequate flow of waste down the drain. As a result, it can take the drains a long time to get rid of the waste. This can cause the need to clean sinks and tubs more often because often this leaves behind dirt rings.

Backups are frequent in drains where blockages have accumulated. Instead of allowing the waste to drain downward, the pressure will push the waste back into the sink or tub. This problem usually happens over time but can develop quickly if items such as plastic are being flushed down the drain. If this is the case, dumping chemicals down the drain will not resolve the backups. This is because the chemicals cannot dissolve the problem items. Instead, these items have to be manually removed from the drainage system by a Drain Cleaning Company in Modesto CA.

Because drains function to provide a pathway for waste to leave the home, they can occasionally become dirty. These dirty drains can cause smells, slow drainage or frequent backups which can cause issues that are hard to resolve on the surface. Get additional info here if your drainage system is having problems.