Plumbing in La Quinta, CA for Major Residential Renovations and Home Additions

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Plumbing

Most plumbing repair jobs are completed after homeowners call one or two companies to get prices for the work. When extensive remodeling is done in a kitchen or bathrooms, however, property owners may want several estimates for Plumbing in La Quinta, CA. The same is true if they want to have a new master bathroom added to the home. They want to be sure the work will be completely satisfactory.

Additions and Substantial Upgrades

Owners of older houses often want substantial upgrades to the plumbing when they are having certain rooms renovated. They may need additional pipes for fixtures, with the existing pipes extended to these new features. A kitchen island with a sink and faucet, for example, will require this work. So will the construction of an addition for another bedroom and full bathroom.

Finishing a Basement

Many homes in this region have a basement, and the owners may decide they want a basement renovation that will include a wet bar and a half-bath for their guests’ convenience. Often, laundry facilities, the water heater, and the water softener are located beneath the first floor. This makes it relatively easy for a qualified plumber to extend the system to the area that will become a finished basement.

Making the Dream Come True

Homeowners usually know the exact features they want for this renovation or addition, as they have spent time roaming home improvement stores and looking at the various products. They’ve also done their homework online. However, they don’t typically know the requirements for Plumbing in La Quinta, CA that will make their dream come true.

It’s one thing to say a home addition should have a dual shower, a double sink, and a toilet with state-of-the-art flushing technology. It’s quite another to design the plumbing needed for these features, including installing components to supply the needed¬†fresh water and to carry wastewater away. Those two systems must never overlap anywhere in the home’s plumbing network. That can be accomplished by a contractor such as All Seasons Air Conditioning Plumbing & Heating Inc,. The contractor will send workers to complete the project as the customer requests.