Patching A Cracked Pipe And Information About A Residential Plumbing Service In Endicott, NY

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Plumbing

A plumbing leak can cause extensive water damage to a home if the portion of the pipe that is leaking isn’t located and repaired quickly. Besides posing a threat to a home’s structure and the residents’ personal belongings, a leak can cause a water bill to increase. If a homeowner notices that water is dripping under their kitchen cabinet, the following steps can be completed to locate a damaged pipe and patch it with a few common plumbing materials. A Residential Plumbing Service in Endicott NY is required to replace or repair plumbing.


*      drop light

  *      mop

  *      towels

  *      space heater

  *      plastic or rubber gloves

  *      epoxy compound

  *      thermal tape

  *      utility knife

  *      sharp scissors

Locating A Damaged Pipe And Drying Surfaces

After opening a kitchen cabinet, a drop light can be used to increase visibility while a damaged pipe is being located. Moving a hand along the surface of plumbing will help determine the plumbing section that needs to be repaired. After the source of a leak is spotted, the main water valve should be turned off. A mop and towels can be used to absorb water that has dripped onto the bottom of a cabinet and flooring. If materials are saturated, a space heater can be used to dry them.

Applying Compound And Tape

Epoxy compound is a waterproof substance that needs to be applied to a cracked pipe. After covering hands with plastic or rubber gloves, the compound should be kneaded between hands until the material is pliable. A thin layer of the compound should be used to cover a crack. The compound will adhere to plumbing if the material is pressed firmly against a pipe.

After the compound has hardened, thermal tape should be wrapped around the plumbing section that has the compound on it. A couple layers of tape that are securely wrapped around compound will ensure that a pipe is patched sufficiently. A utility knife or pair of sharp scissors can be used to trim tape.

To determine if a pipe was patched sufficiently, a water supply needs to be turned on and a light can be shined under a sink. Plumbing should be inspected and repaired by a plumber at a homeowner’s earliest convenience. An individual can acquire information about a Residential Plumbing Service in Endicott NY when they visit the website. You can also visit them on Facebook.