Methods of Flood Control

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Plumber

Flooding can be a severe problem in some areas that are more prone to heavy rainfall or have a lot of bodies of water that can overflow. Flooding can lead to property damage and can also be dangerous for people that are exposed to the flood waters. Park Ridge flood control is taken very seriously due to these risks, and there are a few ways in place to control the amount of flooding in areas with high risks.

The control method that is the most well-known is the dam. These are barriers that control water flow from a large source of water, such as a reservoir. This barrier blocks all of the water from moving into a certain location, and it has the added advantage of increasing the ability to generate electricity in the form of hydropower.

Flood gates are another popular form of Park Ridge flood control. These are systems with adjustable gates that can control the rate a river flows at. The water can be stored, if needed, or routed somewhere else. In the case of a flood being predicted, water can be directed into a storage area, lowering the level of a channel or river so that the heavy rains don’t cause as much overflow.

Flood walls are similar to damns in that they contain water; however, unlike dams, they are supposed to be a more temporary solution. These are often used in areas where a dam cannot be built due to space or environmental concerns. They are made out of fabricated concrete, and sometimes they include flood gates to allow people and vehicles through. They are only closed if there are floods being predicted.

For areas that have been heavily affected by human activity, such as the deforestation problem in Asia, some methods of flood control are not enough anymore. In order to control flooding more effectively, it is important to make sure we are not disrupting the ecosystem any more than necessary and be aware of the role that everything plays in nature. For coastal flooding, barrier islands and sea walls can be built. Beach nourishment, adding sand to the existing coast, is also a control method.

Park Ridge flood control measures are important to keeping everyone safe, preventing property damage and preventing damage to the ecosystem. If you live in an area with heavy rains and a high risk of flooding, you can do your part to learn about what you can do to help control floods in your area.