Let Local Plumbers in Papillion NE Handle Those Plumbing Repairs

by | May 3, 2017 | Plumbing

There are many things that can go wrong with the plumbing and what surprises most people is where they occur. One example of this is a leak inside the walls. Hidden leaks can do a lot of damage and locate the problem is not always easy. Small leaks can waste a lot of water over time, but the water that drips out of them can be soaked up by drywall and wall studs making the problem difficult to see. Local plumbers in Papillion, NE can help with some unique tools and techniques. The first is an acoustic sampler that listens for the sounds that leaking water can make. The other is an inert gas such as nitrogen. Applying more pressure to the line makes locating the failure a little easier.

Another common area where property owners have problems is clogged drain lines. Clogs can occur almost anywhere in the sewer pipes, but the most common areas are the pipe traps and the main line that connects the building to the municipal system or septic tank. Pipe traps were designed to prevent sewer gases from entering through the drain. They are the curved pieces of pipe that are typically found close to the drain itself. Cleaning the trap usually requires its removal so that any gunk can be washed out. However, certain fixtures such as toilets have the pipe trap built in, which can require local plumbers in Papillion, NE to handle the problem.

The most common location for a clog is the main sewer line, and there are various reasons that they occur. For instance, plant roots can enter the pipe through a break in the line or a loose joint. This can be a difficult problem to fix because the roots will need to be eliminated as well as repairs made to the pipe. The biggest problem with sewer line clogs is gaining access to the pipe. Plumbers handle this issue with a set of flexible tools designed to reach deep inside the piping. The first of these is a video snake used to examine the interior of the pipe. The second is a pipe rooter that is used to pierce through any clogs. Learn more about plumbing solutions from the professionals at Jeff Mumm Plumbing Omaha NE.