Let a Plumber in Westchester County Handle Those Difficult Plumbing Problems

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Plumbing

A plumbing problem such as a leaking pipe can quickly turn into a major disaster. A slow and steady drip will eventually form a puddle that can ruin the wood and other materials used in building construction. Unfortunately, locating a leak isn’t always as easy as it seems. Leaks can occur in walls, under floors or, worse, under the foundation of the building. An expert Plumber in Westchester County can help by using special tools for locating the source of the problem.

Finding a hidden leak often requires acoustic samplers that allow the plumber to listen inside the walls or examine the soil around the building. Audio sampling systems help because the fresh water supply is under constant pressure, and a leak tends to make the water spray or drip rapidly. The plumber can use this to zero in on where the leak is, and this reduces the amount of demolition required for fixing the leak. If the leak is under the foundation, then the plumber may need to use ground-penetrating radar. This tool allows them to locate voids in the ground that contain water.

Perhaps the most common reason to contact a Plumber in Westchester County is a clog in the drain pipes. Clogs can be difficult to locate because the point where the problem becomes noticeable may not be the place where the clog occurs. Common areas that the plumber may need to check are the pipe traps and the main sewer line.

Cleaning the traps is reasonably easy, but experienced plumbers like those at Cassidy Plumbing Inc. know that a clogged trap often indicates other problems. Clogs in the pipe traps may be due to a backup of sewage from slow-draining systems, and this problem can slowly develop as time passes.

Eliminating issues such as sewer clogs normally require the plumber to use special tools like the video snake and pipe snake or rooter. The video system is a camera attached to a long flexible cable. This allows the contractor to peer deep inside the pipes and discover what is causing the blockage. If the problem is not due to waste blockage, then the pipe may need to be replaced. Some possibilities are a cracked pipe allowing the surrounding soil to enter the sewer line or plant roots growing through a loose joint. Click here to learn how to deal with these concerns.