Hiring An Emergency Plumber in Mclean When A Pipe Bursts

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Plumbing, Plumbing Accessories

There are several steps a homeowner can take to ensure their pipes remain intact during freezing temperatures. Failing to take precautions in how pipes are protected can lead to unfortunate bursts. An emergency plumber in Mclean would then need to be called to handle the fixing of the piping system. Here are some steps that will aid in the protection of pipes when temperatures are expected to plummet.

Allow Faucets To Drip

It is a good idea to allow faucets in the home to drip when temperatures are expected to fall below freezing. This will keep water inside of pipes moving. The cold water faucets can be slightly moved to allow water to come out at a trickle or slow drip. Do not use the hot water faucets as this will deplete the warm water from a water heater.

Use Insulation To Protect

Insulation can be placed around pipes to aid in keeping them warm enough to avoid bursting accidents. Foam sleeves or insulation tape can be used to wrap pipes at the beginning of the winter season. These should be kept in place until the springtime so pipes are protected throughout the cold time of the year. If temperatures are expected to be exceptionally cold for an extended time, pieces of newspaper or pieces of clothing can be wrapped around the insulation to give the pipes additional protection against freezing.

Add Heat To Suspect Areas

Pipes located in spots that are cooler in the home are at risk of freezing. Open cabinet doors to expose pipes underneath so they are privy to some of the heat present within the home. A space heater can be placed in a garage or basement to help keep pipes in these cooler areas from freezing as well.

When there is a need to hire an emergency plumber in Mclean, finding one who will come to the home immediately after a burst occurs is desired. Contact Business Name to learn more about the services they offer to their customers or to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of a plumbing system.