Gas Piping Installation in Bellingham WA Should be Done by a Licensed Professional

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Plumbing

When the need arises for Gas Piping Installation in Bellingham WA, it’s best to call in an experienced licensed professional, such as Bode’s Electric & Plumbing Inc, to handle the project. This company has over 50 years of experience serving both residential and commercial customers in the Lafayette and Lake Charles, LA areas. They are familiar with all of the steps required to safely ensure that no leaks will be present when the job has been completed. Gas in its natural state is odorless and highly combustible, so safety needs to be the top priority when working around it.

About Gas

Gas is an energy source that is often used to heat a home or run appliances. Since it doesn’t have a smell of its own, gas companies add a chemical to it to alert people to a leak if one occurs. The chemical is called mercaptan, and when it’s added to natural gas, it emits a foul odor that smells like rotten eggs. When one smells this odor, every precaution should be taken to leave the premises before alerting the gas company for a possible leak.

Gas Water Heater

A new gas water heater may require different fittings than the old unit did, especially if the capacity inside of the tank has increased. Installing new connections may seem simple, but when working around gas, a series of precautions need to be followed to avoid an accident. A licensed plumber can properly make secure connections to both the water and gas lines and test for any leaks upon completion of the job. Most plumbers are trained to work with gas connections.

Gas Appliances

Many homes use gas to run appliances, such as the stove, oven and clothes dryer. If the gas lines running into the appliances need to be changed out, or if the homeowner wants to convert from gas to electricity or vice versa, then a licensed tradesperson (plumber/electrician) can handle the job. The conversion itself isn’t difficult. However it shouldn’t be done by a novice for safety reasons.

Whenever a gas operated an appliance or water heater requires Gas Piping Installation in Bellingham WA, it’s best to have it handled by a licensed professional. This will ensure that all safety precautions are taken to avoid a leak. Follow us on Twitter.