Four Times to Call for Residential Plumbing Repair in Pittsburgh PA

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Plumbing

For the average American, the idea of do-it-yourself is a deeply engrained concept that encourages most people to tackle their own problems with their property repairs whenever possible. For some repairs, however, the best option for most people is to hire a licensed professional to help. Here are four important signs that it may be time to call in a professional plumber.

1) There is a Rapid Water Supply Leak

This is the classic scenario where a water main bursts inside of a wall or other enclosure and begins to flood your home. Although rare, this does occur and is absolutely a scenario that calls for a professional. If you believe that there is water leaking inside the walls of your home, visit us website to get more information about residential plumbing repair in Pittsburgh PA.

2) There is No Water in the House

If the water in your home stops flowing to a particular area, such as a kitchen sink or bathroom shower, that is typically an example of a localized issue that is not drastically serious. If water stop flowing to your entire home altogether, however, that is a serious issue that requires the direct attention of professionals. If all of the faucets in your home stop producing both hot and cold water, it may be time to look into professional residential plumbing repair in Pittsburgh PA.

3) There is a Sewage Line Leak or Foul Odor

If you are experiecing plumbing issues such as sewage bubbling up in the front yard, or backing up in your shower drains, it’s most likely a sure sign that there is a blocked sewage line somewhere in your home’s plumbing system. Although it is certainly possible to get out a shovel and try to find the blockage yourself, this can take days of back breaking labor and troubleshooting that is best left to experienced professionals.

4) There is a Natural Gas Leak from Your Water Heater

A gas leak can lead to lead to the destruction of your home or the death of a family member, so it’s best not to take any chances. if you experience this issue, call for a professional. If the source of the leak is from your water heater, a professional plumber will know exactly how to fix it.

There’s a time for everything, including a time to do-it-yourself, but when it comes to these issues, it’s best left to professionals.