Evaporative Cooler Cleaning in Tucson AZ

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Plumbing

An evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, is an efficient way to cool the interior air in hot and dry climates. A small pump draws water through a series of damp pads and then blows the cooler air through the house. It is efficient, powerful, and environmentally friendly. Operational costs are less expensive than air conditioning units, and maintenance costs are lower as well. It costs less to run a swamp cooler because the basic components consist of a pump and a fan. There are no compressors, and no refrigerant is needed. The only real maintenance costs are seasonal changeovers, occasional minor repairs, and Cooler Cleaning in Tucson AZ.

Cleaning is required at least annually to keep the pump and fans free from debris, avoid mold and bacteria growing within the damp pads, and clean out the inside of the chamber. Cooler Cleaning in Tucson AZ should also include condensation cleaning. A swamp cooler that has not been cleaned properly, or is overdue, for a cleaning will begin to smell musty. The air in the home will begin to feel hot, and the humidity will rise. That makes for an uncomfortable setting. The best time to have the cooler cleaned is before the temperatures begin to rise. Browse Our Website for complete pricing lists on cleaning and to schedule an appointment.

If the current system is old or in need of major repairs or replacement, customers have a few options. In some cases, the cooler can be rebuilt. That entails replacing pads and pumps, but will eliminate the need for an entirely new cooler. It can prolong the life of the old cooler for a few more years to give people time to plan and save for a new one. If a new cooler is needed, sizing is important. A swamp cooler that is too small will have to operate continuously to meet the needs, which will result in frequent repairs, loss of efficiency, and the possibility of having to replace the system prematurely. A cooler that is too big will result in the air being cooled too quickly, which creates humidity issues. In addition to cleaning and repairs for swamp coolers, air conditioning systems and ductless mini-split systems can be installed, repaired, and cleaned.