Ensure Your Drains Flow Properly With Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Skokie

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Plumber

Home plumbing problems come in all types, but some of the worst involve clogs in the drain lines and failed sewage systems. Fortunately, the various household clogs are a fairly easy fix. In most cases it simply requires removing the trap in the drain line and cleaning out whatever is causing the line to clog. In bathroom sinks, tubs or shower drains the culprit could be hair which slowly accumulates over time. In kitchens the clogs could come from food that builds up in the trap or grease that collects in the pipes. Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Skokie can usually take care of these types of problems very quickly.

Larger problems occur when the clog is in the main sewage lines. These pipes are accessible with the proper tools, but to do so the plumber must remove the toilet or locate an access pipe in order to use them. Which of these two entry methods they use will depend on where the clog is located and if there is an external access pipe available. In most cases the plumber will begin with a video inspection to locate where the clog is and how bad it has blocked the pipe. The video tool is connected to a flexible cable and works very similarly to the tool they will use to remove the clog.

Once the problem is found the plumber will use a rooter system, sometimes known as a pipe snake, to push through the clog. This is a flexible cable with an auger or pointed tip on the end. The cable is designed to allow the pipe snake to handle curves and angled connections with limited problems. The auger is designed to poke through a clog and get the effluent flowing properly. With some clogs this will be enough, but in other cases the cause of the problem may still exist. Some drain line clogs occur because of a build-up of gunk on the pipe’s walls. Until this problem is removed your plumbing may suffer from future clogs. To eliminate it your plumber will need to wash the pipes with a high pressured cleaning system. You can learn more about clog removal and Drain Cleaning Service in Skokie by contacting an expert like North Coast Sewer & Drainage.