Ensure a Clean and Dry Home With Quality Plumbing in La Vergne, TN

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Plumbing

A home is a mixture of many things and one of them is the plumbing that supplies its fresh water and removes the waste when people are finished with it. While these two processes fall into the same construction category, they are actually very distinct. The fresh water supply is completely separated from the sewer and drainage portion with the exception of the sink, shower, tub and toilet drains. These are only connected by necessity of function.

Fresh water is supplied through a single water main. Once it enters the home it is split to fill the hot water tank and supply the cold water side of the plumbing. The hot water supply line will come from the outlet on the water heater. The whole system is pressurized by the basic water pressure from the municipal supply. In the case of a home water well system the water will be under pressure from being pumped into a storage tank or in very rare cases be pressurized by gravity. Most homes have an average water pressure between twenty and forty PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

Installing the Plumbing in La Vergne, TN to handle these types of constant pressures requires a great level of skill. Modern plumbing uses two basic types of pipe even though there are actually several available. The two most common piping materials are copper and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Copper is often preferred because the joints are quickly soldered which provides an instant seal. PVC get used because it is a low cost alternative to metal-based pipes. Either provides excellent plumbing depending on the environment. For instance, copper used in outdoor environments can corrode over time while PVC is subject to quickly bursting under freezing conditions.

There are many reasons for hiring a contractor who specializes in Plumbing in La Vergne, TN. One of the most common is a clog in the drain or sewer lines. Drain clogs are usually easy to repair once the plumber gets past the water. In most cases the clog is caused by something stuck in the pipe trap. Sewer clogs are a bit tougher. If the clog is deep in the pipes then the plumber will need to use a rooter tool to eliminate the problem. If your home is having plumbing problems then be sure to call Holt Plumbing Company LLC to resolve the issue.