Eliminate Major Plumbing Problems With an Expert Plumbing Contractor

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Plumbing

There are few things worse than going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and stepping into a pool of water. Unfortunately, leaks are an unpredictable issue that can do a lot of damage. For instance, a leak under the bathroom sink can soak into the lumber that the cabinet is made from, any surrounding drywall and the floor of the room.

This sort of damage can be significant if the liquid is not removed quickly, especially to drywall products because they tend to crumble once water enters the mix. An expert Plumbing Contractor can help by locating the leak and replacing any damaged parts. Quick repairs prevent the leak from becoming more than an annoying drip. This aspect of plumbing is possible if the property owner has the experts inspect the plumbing for potential problems. If the date of the last inspection cannot be recalled, then it has been too long!

Another important function that a Plumbing Contractor can deal with is a clog in the pipes. Clogs can occur anywhere that the sewage flows, but the more common areas are the pipe traps and the main sewer line. Traps are a useful feature of plumbing that keeps those stinky sewer gases outside of the house. These plumbing features tend to clog because of items such as food, grease and hair. An experienced plumber can easily fix the issue by removing the trap and clearing away any residue and debris inside.

Blockages in the main sewer pipe are a lot more difficult to deal with and one reason could be the fact that most of these clogs take time to develop. A clog in the main sewer is possible when the flow of waste stops or something interferes with it. One possibility is damage to the pipe walls and another is roots in the sewer line.

Damage can occur when the pipe is crushed, but roots may be a concern even when the pipe is unbroken. This is due to the way roots grow. Most roots start out small and this allows them to enter a crack as tiny as a human hair. Once this source of water and nutrients is found, the plant quickly grows and growth of the roots can force the entrance to the pipe to expand.

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