Considering the Important Advantages of Modern Plumbing in Bellingham WA

by | May 8, 2018 | Plumbing

A number of modern inventions have played an important role in dramatically reducing the prevalence of serious diseases. People commonly think of antibiotics and vaccines when asked for examples. Modern plumbing in Bellingham WA also is essential for keeping individuals clean and healthy, and the community sanitary.

Safe Tap Water

Being able to rely on safe drinking water is a crucial benefit of modern Plumbing in Bellingham WA. In countries where the tap water supply sometimes is compromised, people become ill with cholera and other serious illnesses. Even when they don’t drink the water, they can become sick from eating food that has been rinsed with that water. Other types of bacteria as well as various parasites can invade drinking water without the advantages of effective treatment plants and filters.

Disposal of Human Waste

Before people understood the connection between toxins and disease, they were careless about disposing of human waste. Some communities dumped that waste directly into their source of drinking water, such as a river. They might wash soiled diapers or underwear in a well that supplied drinking water. Nobody understood the importance of keeping their hands clean, especially before preparing meals or eating.

Luxurious Plumbing Features

People living in modernized countries now can have plumbing features in the home that, centuries ago, even the wealthiest individuals might have seen as pointless and frivolous. Shower areas with two showerheads, benches for seating and clear frameless doors can be installed if the bathroom is large enough.

It should be noted that as recently as 1950, more than half of rural homes in the United States did not have a complete indoor plumbing system. Outhouses were still very common.

VIP: Very Important Plumbers

Today, plumbers with companies such as Lynden Sheet Metal help households have access to running water that supplies clear, clean liquid for hydration, bathing, and washing clothes and dishes. They install equipment that allows these households to dispose of waste properly, sending it to a sewage treatment plant or a septic tank system on the property. All the equipment is generally taken for granted until it malfunctions, at which time plumbers suddenly become very important in the minds of the household residents.