Choosing an Air Conditioner in Whitehouse Station NJ

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Air Conditioning Repair Service

It is advised that individuals and homeowners purchase air conditioners to protect them from the adverse effects of hot weather. There are a lot of air conditioners in the market, and it may be difficult to find one that meets the homeowner’s needs and budget. The following are factors to consider when purchasing an Air Conditioner in Whitehouse Station NJ.

Energy Efficiency and Sizing

The EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) measures the ratio of power input to the cooling capacity of the A.C unit. The cooling capacity is dependent on the size of the space being cooled. Purchasing a unit whose cooling capacity is larger than necessary leads to inefficient cooling and wastage of energy. An air conditioning unit with the right cooling capacity is energy efficient and also helps to eliminate humidity.

Electrical System requirements

Most air conditioners operate on a 230-volt or 115-volt circuit. The conventional household circuit is rated at 115 volts. If the homeowner decides to purchase a cooling unit with a rating of 230 volts, a special circuit must be installed. Plugging an air conditioning unit into the wrong circuit may lead to very serious consequences.

Professional Installation

To enjoy the benefits of a properly functioning cooling unit, it is recommended that homeowners engage the services of professional installation technicians. Improper installation may result in reduced energy efficiency and loss of cooling capacity. It could also decrease the lifespan of the unit and lead to constant repair.

Other Considerations

It is advised that the cooling unit is installed away from devices that generate heat such as lamps, television sets, etc. If the air conditioner is a window unit, it should be mounted correctly to enable proper draining. It should also be installed in a location that allows easy access to the filter.

Smart Air Conditioners

Smart air conditioning units are also available in the market. These units can be adjusted and controlled from a smartphone. It enables the homeowner to operate the cooling units from any location.

Individuals and homeowners who want to purchase and install an Air Conditioner in Whitehouse Station NJ should schedule an appointment. To get more information and to make inquiries, visit the website.

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