Avoid Damage To A Home Or Business By Using A Qualified Plumber

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Plumber

Plumbing concerns can bring major headaches, especially when the property owner doesn’t find out about them until a lot of damage has occurred. For example, a slow leak in a water pipe can spray or drip much more water than people think. The situation gets worse when the leak is difficult to find. This can happen inside walls, below floors or even under the slab. It may be possible to locate the failure using other methods like acoustic tools, but leaks under a slab will be a bit harder to find. Thankfully, the latter concern doesn’t happen all that often.

Perhaps the most common reason to call for a Plumber is a clog in the sewer lines. The first step in dealing with this problem is to make sure the blockage is not in the P-traps. These are those ‘U’ or ‘S’ shaped pipes found close to the drain itself. If the problem is found there, the solution is simple. Just remove the traps and clean them out. Unfortunately, it can be rather easy to cross-thread the fittings, so care is required.

Blockages in the sewer line are a bit harder to determine. The first step usually involves the Plumber using a video snake to find the fault. This tool uses a long, flexible cable to carry a video camera inside the pipe. It allows looking for blockages, roots or signs of damage to the pipe. Those last two problems are more likely than many people realize because the pipe is often close to the surface and not strong enough to handle being driven over. Plants tend to grow well around sewer lines because any leaks in the pipe provide quick access to moisture. The problem with plants is that the roots will try to seek water anywhere, including inside the sewer pipe and may cause further damage in the process.

Plumbers can serve other purposes as well. Consider that new kitchen or remodel to the master bath that has been planned for months. Discussing options with a certified plumber can provide ideas that most homeowners haven’t thought about. Plus, a plumber can quickly determine if an idea is useful or simply more than the room can handle.